Chapter 7 - Diseases of the Chest
Consumption - First Stage
Consumption - Second Stage
Consumption - Third Stage
Causes of Consumption
Bacterial Invasion
Classes of Bacteria
Exciting Causes of Consumption
Treatment of Consumption
Diet in Consurnption
Acute Bronchitis
Chronic Bronchitis
Swelling of the Lungs
Pulmonary Apoplexy
Air in the Chest
Water in the Chest
Lungs and Their Diseases - Diagram
Charts of Various Lung Diseases - Diagram
Typhoid Pneumonia
Broncho Pneumonia
Other Forms of Lung Inflammation
Hay Fever
Thyroid Gland

7.6 Bacterial Invasion

Bacterial Invasion.

THE, views of Pasteur regarding the resistance of the body to disease germs were based on the supposition that the animal body was a natural breeding place for bacteria of all kinds, which ceased to become dangerous only when there were no more tissues to feed upon, or when the tissues had become choked with the products of the bacteria themselves. , Metchnikoff first demonstrated an active bodily defense against bacteria, which in health is fully capable of dealing with the bacteria which gain access to the tissues from the intestines, the lungs and elsewhere. Inflammation is now considered to be a reactionary effort of defense against bacterial invasion, the area of which is generally local. When, however, the bacteria multiply in the blood stream, we have blood poisoning, or septicemia, in which the inflammation is scattered. On the next page we show cuts of the better known bacteria.

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