Chapter 7 - Diseases of the Chest
Consumption - First Stage
Consumption - Second Stage
Consumption - Third Stage
Causes of Consumption
Bacterial Invasion
Classes of Bacteria
Exciting Causes of Consumption
Treatment of Consumption
Diet in Consurnption
Acute Bronchitis
Chronic Bronchitis
Swelling of the Lungs
Pulmonary Apoplexy
Air in the Chest
Water in the Chest
Lungs and Their Diseases - Diagram
Charts of Various Lung Diseases - Diagram
Typhoid Pneumonia
Broncho Pneumonia
Other Forms of Lung Inflammation
Hay Fever
Thyroid Gland

7.7 Classes of Bacteria

Classes of Bacteria.

Shape. Cocci (round, oval or berry shaped); bacilli (rod shaped); spirilli (spiral or curved).

Arrangement. Occurring in pairs they are called diplococci; in chains, streptococci; in clusters, staphylococci.

Colors. Bacteria are various colored according to species or variety violet, green, yellow, orange, red, etc.

Names. May designate shape, color, arrangement and function. Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus means that the germ is round, grouped in clusters, pus forming, and of a yellow color.

Size. 1,000,000,000 micrococci can be contained in 1,000,000th part of a pint of water. No doubt some are absolutely undiscoverable.

Air breathing. Bacteria requiring air for life are called aerobic; the opposite, anaerobic; those which thrive in either condition, facultative aerobic.

Food. Bacteria feeding on living plants or animals are called parasites; those feeding on dead matter, saprophytes; while those growing in a living body, causing pus, are called pyogenic.

Pathogenic. Bacteria which give rise to infectious diseases are known 'as pathogenic (disease bearing). The principal ones are: the pathogenic staphylococei and streptococci, the cocci of pneumonia, clap, meningitis ; the bacilli of the colon, acne, typhoid, pyaeinia, tuberculosis, tetanus, diphtheria, influenza, leprosy, anthrax, glanders, catarrh, plague, cholera, the dysentery group, and the spirochobte of syphilis.

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