Chapter 8 - Diseases of the Heart
Introduction to Heart Diseases
Impulse of the Heart
Sounds of the Heart
Percussion Sounds
Altered Sounds of the Heart
Enlargement of the Ventricles
Dilatation of the Ventricles
Interior of Lungs, Liver, Heart, and Stomach - Diagram
Hypertrophy with Slight Dilatation
Dilatation with Slight Hypertrophy
Tumors of the Heart
Softening of the Heart
Induration of the Heart
Fatty Degeneration of the Heart
Shrinking of the Heart
Acute Inflammation of the Heart Case
Chronic Inflammation of the Heart Case
Inflammation of the Lining of the Heart
Chronic Inflammation of the Lining of the Heart
Disease of the Semi Lunar Valves
Disease of the Mitral Valves
Water in the Heart Case
Palpitation of the Heart
Neuralgia of the Heart
Polypus of the Heart
Displacement of the Heart

8.14 Fatty Degeneration of the Heart

Fatty Degeneration of the Heart.

The heart sometimes becomes overloaded with fat, which is deposited between the heart case and the muscular substance, covering the organ all over externally, and in some cases penetrating to some depth into its substance. The muscular walls themselves become thin and flabby.

Symptoms. The sounds of the heart are diminished, especially the first. The pulse is irregular. Pain, and a feeling of oppression in the region of the heart, with general signs of retarded circulation, such as congestion of the brain and Ever. There is occasionally giddiness, loss of memory, and palpitation.

Treatment. Exercise, mental excitement, and stimulating drinks must be avoided; and the patient must live for one or two years on a very light diet, taking but very little animal food.

Bony and Cartilaginous Productions in the Heart.

THESE productions in the heart are fortunately rare. Yet they occur; and the point of the heart, in its whole thickness, is sometimes changed to cartilage. The ventricles are sometimes so ossified as to resemble the bones of the head.
The symptoms of these degenerations are obscure; and as such cases are not curable, it is of less consequence that we should be able to know their precise nature during the life of the patient. The treatment can only afford temporary relief, and should be such as is prescribed in other heart eases with similar symptoms.

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