Chapter 8 - Diseases of the Heart
Introduction to Heart Diseases
Impulse of the Heart
Sounds of the Heart
Percussion Sounds
Altered Sounds of the Heart
Enlargement of the Ventricles
Dilatation of the Ventricles
Interior of Lungs, Liver, Heart, and Stomach - Diagram
Hypertrophy with Slight Dilatation
Dilatation with Slight Hypertrophy
Tumors of the Heart
Softening of the Heart
Induration of the Heart
Fatty Degeneration of the Heart
Shrinking of the Heart
Acute Inflammation of the Heart Case
Chronic Inflammation of the Heart Case
Inflammation of the Lining of the Heart
Chronic Inflammation of the Lining of the Heart
Disease of the Semi Lunar Valves
Disease of the Mitral Valves
Water in the Heart Case
Palpitation of the Heart
Neuralgia of the Heart
Polypus of the Heart
Displacement of the Heart

8.3 Sounds of the Heart

The Sounds of the Heart.

ON applying the ear to the chest just over the heart, two sounds are heard. The first one is dull and slightly prolonged; the second is a shorter and smarter sound, having a sort of clack. These occur in pretty rapid succession, and then comes a brief interval. And this round of action, first a long and dull sound, then a short and smart one, and then an interval, called the heart's rhythm, is repeated continually. If the space of time occupied by the rhythm be divided into five parts, the first sound will take about two parts, the second one, and the interval of repose, the remaining two. The first sound is heard about the time of the contraction of the ventricles, and is therefore called the systolic sound; the second is synchronous with the opening of the ventricles, and is called the diastolic sound. The syllables too to too to, very fairly represent the two sounds of the heart. These sounds are heard over the largest space in lean persons.

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