Chapter 8 - Diseases of the Heart
Introduction to Heart Diseases
Impulse of the Heart
Sounds of the Heart
Percussion Sounds
Altered Sounds of the Heart
Enlargement of the Ventricles
Dilatation of the Ventricles
Interior of Lungs, Liver, Heart, and Stomach - Diagram
Hypertrophy with Slight Dilatation
Dilatation with Slight Hypertrophy
Tumors of the Heart
Softening of the Heart
Induration of the Heart
Fatty Degeneration of the Heart
Shrinking of the Heart
Acute Inflammation of the Heart Case
Chronic Inflammation of the Heart Case
Inflammation of the Lining of the Heart
Chronic Inflammation of the Lining of the Heart
Disease of the Semi Lunar Valves
Disease of the Mitral Valves
Water in the Heart Case
Palpitation of the Heart
Neuralgia of the Heart
Polypus of the Heart
Displacement of the Heart

8.4 Percussion Sounds

Percussion Sounds.

IF the ends of the fingers be struck upon the chest over the heart, a dull sound will be heard over a space from one and a half to two inches square, beginning at the fourth rib on the left side, and extending down nearly to the sixth. The dullness is diminished by lying upon the back, and increased by leaning forward, and by taking * full breath. The deadness of sound is caused by the heart being * partially solid body. The lungs which surround it yield a clear sound.
If a solid substance, as large as the heart, were placed on the inside of a drum, against. the head, only a dead sound would be obtained by striking on that spot; everywhere else, the sound would be louder.

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