Chapter 9 - Diseases of the Abdominal Cavity
Introduction to Diseases of the Abdominal Cavity
Acute Inflammation of the Liver
Chronic Inflammation of the Liver
Congestion of the Liver
Passive Congestion of the Liver
Cirrhosis of the Liver
Acute Inflammation of the Spleen
Chronic Inflammation of the Spleen
Gall Stones
Acute Inflammation of the Stomach
Chronic Inflammation of the Stomach
Heart Burn
Cramps in the stomach
Water Brash
Milk Sickness
Acute Inflammation of the Peritoneum
Chronic Inflammation of the Peritoneum
Acute Inflammation of the Bowels
Chronic Inflammation of the Bowels
Cancer of the Intestine
Intestinal Obstruction
Air Swellings
Bilious Colic
Painters' Colic
Chronic Diarrhea
Cholera Morbus
Asiatic Cholera
Chronic Dysentery
Acute Inflamation of the Kidneys
Chronic Inflamation of the Kidneys
Acute Inflammation of the Bladder
Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder
Disease of the Supra Renal Capsules
Bright's Disease
Simple Home Tests for Urine - Diagram
Bleeding from the Kidneys
Suppresion of Urine
Retention of Urine
Inability to Hold Urine
Uric Acid Gravel
Phosphatic Deposits
Oxalic Deposits
Urate of Ammonia Deposits
Hippuric Acid Deposits
Cystine Deposits
Bladder Stones
Dropsy of the Belly
General Dropsy

9.38 Chronic Dysentery

Chronic Dysentery.

WHEN dysentery 44 runs on for some time, it is liable to become chronic.

Symptoms. Looseness of bowels, the discharges being unhealthy, more or less bloody, attended by bearing down, or a desire to strain, and being in number from two to forty a day. There is great debility, the pulse is weak and quick, the tongue slightly furred, the appetite lost, the face pale and sallow, the skin dry and parched. Sometimes the relax alternates with costiveness.

Treatment. In this form of the complaint, astringents will be necessary (159), (161), (162), (345), (346), (347).
Injections may be used, if necessary, composed of nitrate of silver, two grains to the ounce of water, or an infusion of golden seal, with a little tincture of prickly ash berries added to it.
The diet must be very light, easy of digestion, and nutritious. In some cases, it should be composed chiefly of wheat porridge, or boiled milk and boiled rice. In other cases, a little tender beefsteak should be taken once a day.

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